Our Band Instrument Rental Program:

All music instrument rental s are rent-to-own with 100% of the rental payments applied toward the purchase of your instrument(s). If you decide for any reason to stop using the instrument(s), you may return them at any time for no fee or penalty. Rental prices vary by the price of the instrument, and for used instruments, by their condition of use. Here is a break down of the instruments we have available for rent along with their rental prices:

Common Band Instruments:
B-flat Clarinet: $20/25
Alto Saxophone: $40/45
Flute: $20/25
Trumpet: $20/25
Trombone: $30/40
Snare Drum Kit: $15/20
Bell Kit: $15/25

Other Band Instruments:
Bass Clarinet: $40/50
Tenor Saxophone: $40/50
Soprano Saxophone: $40/50
Baritone Saxophone: $40/50

String Instruments:
Violin: $15/30
Viola: $15/30
Cello: $35/50
Electric or Acoustic Bass: $15/25 (by itself) $25/30 (with amp, chord, tuner, and gig bag)
Electric, Acoustic or Classical Guitar: $10/25 (by itself) $20/30 (with amp, chord, tuner, and gig bag)

Keyboards $15

*Due to the limited space of our small shop, we may be temporarily out of stock of some of the instruments listed above. Please call in advance to make sure we have the instrument(s) you are looking for.

Looking to Start Lessons?

We rent Guitars, Basses, and Keyboards to allow you the flexibility to start taking lessons and decide if you want to continue your musical journey before purchasing your instrument. All of your monthly rental payments will be applied 100% to the purchase of your instrument, and if you decide you no longer want to continue your rental, you may return your instrument at any time for no additional fee or penalty. 

Starting Band?

We know that it's difficult to decide which band instrument best fits your style, which is why we've designed our rental system to allow you flexibility to swap instruments as you narrow in on your favorite instrument. If you started with flute but now want to switch to clarinet, no problem! Simply drop by our shop with your instrument within 3 months of the start of your rental and we will apply 100% of the payments you have made on the flute towards the purchase price of the clarinet.
We also offer a special deal for Violin, Viola, and Cello rentals. If you start to rent a size below full sized and grow out of it within 10 months of the start of your rental, you can trade your instrument for the larger size and we will transfer 100% of your rental payments to that larger size instrument rental.


Call us, email us, or drop by the store and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.